Thu 24 Sep 2020

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Construction Exterior Design Interior Design
The whole process of accurate and optimized construction in addition to adequate scheduling and in coordination with the architectural design of the project, from excavation to interior finishing, using the modern science of construction and up to date materials and technologies.
No matter how marveling and luxurious the formal design of a building is, if it does not meet the constructional experience, Knowledge and timely and economical dircting, it is only a big waste of budget and time. Artiman Company proudly offers its valuable knowledge of construction and experience in inspecting the complete process of construction beside the whole architectural design pack given.

Designing and forming the exterior shape of a building in a magnificent and astonishing form and all the steps needed to be taken in order to reach this goal.
Exterior appearance of every building is not only the inviter and the attracter of viewers but also the introducer of the characteristic and the whole spirit of it. As a result a proper and suitable design for the exterior parts of a building beside attractiveness, uniqueness, and harmony with the building and spaces around has always been Artiman’s main concern. The exterior design process of a building includes façade designing and landscape designing, both performed in coordination with the function of the building.

The whole process of interior designing, decorating and defining functions of individual and social spaces in residential, office and commercial spaces.
If any part of an architectural design can be mentioned to have the most direct contact and the strongest effect on the impression of the viewer from the function and the spirit of spaces it is the interior design indeed. That is why the Artiman group has put the best of its efforts, motivation and energy on fulfilling this task in the best possible way. When the completed interior design comes with the 3d presentation as a real image of the finished space and also with the details for its construction there is nothing else left to expect from the interior design of the project.